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Accessible Outdoors in Tomah, WI

Featured Photo by Tomah National American Squirrel Association

Vacation Getaway in Tomah, Wisconsin: Accessible Outdoor Fun for All

Tomah is an accessible outdoor gem in the heartland of Wisconsin, offering a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities for those who are visiting the area for the day or for a vacation. Whether you are looking to hike, bike, fish, or just enjoy the great outdoors, Tomah has adaptive offerings for any ability. And in partnering with the North American Squirrel Association (n.a.s.a.), Tomah Branch, accessible outdoors for nature lovers and adventure seekers of all abilities is a top priority in Tomah. The n.a.s.a. of Tomah is working to bring accessible outdoor opportunities to the area, so everyone can take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors and the recreation activities that are available.


Getting Outdoors in Tomah
For those who are interested in outdoor activities, Tomah has plenty of options to choose from. The town is located near the beautiful Lake Tomah, which offers excellent fishing opportunities for bass, panfish, and trout. There are also boat ramps and fishing piers around the lake, making it easy to access the water. Hikers and bikers can enjoy several trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, like the Omaha Trail and the Ice Age Trail. For those who prefer water activities, Lake Tomah is the perfect spot for kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding too.

North American Squirrel Association of Tomah
With all of the opportunities in Tomah for enjoying the outdoors, the Tomah Squirrels are working to make sure disabilities or age are not preventing anyone from partaking in outdoor activities. Founded in 2003, the North American Squirrel Association has a mission of making the outdoors accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and skills. The Tomah branch of the n.a.s.a. began in 2016 and has continued to work towards fulfilling the organization’s mission as Tomah the branch continues to grow. The organization offers a variety of services to aid the elderly and people with disabilities in enjoying outdoor activities. They also run a range of fundraisers throughout the year and hold free, inclusive events in the Tomah outdoors.

Accessible Outdoor Options
Visitors to Tomah or those from the area who are elderly or have a disability are encouraged to use the services offered by the Tomah Squirrels to fully enjoy the Tomah outdoors. One big part of their program is the volunteer system, which pairs sports-persons in need with non-disabled companions for outdoor sporting activities. The organization also offers free activities for people with disabilities in the Tomah area, including accessible hunting and fishing opportunities. And if you’re planning an outdoor event, the n.a.s.a. of Tomah has their Inclusive Park, which features an accessible shelter with picnic tables and grills, a fishing pier and pontoon boat, and an All-Abilities Playground with adaptive play equipment. The Tomah Squirrels also have a pontoon, 12-passenger bus, and light sport two-person aircraft that can be used by the disabled, elderly, or veterans.

Tomah Squirrels’ Events
Along with their year-round services, the Tomah Squirrels have a range of events for fundraising, and outdoor events that are free for the disabled, elderly, or veterans. Throughout June, July, and August the organization offers Pontoon Boat Adventures on Lake Tomah. Late summer there is a Bow Shoot at the Tomah Warrens Sportsman's Alliance and in October they offer their Disabled Hunt. But the Tomah Squirrels biggest event is Squirrelfest in Winnebago Park, which typically occurs during the summer. The free festival is an all day event that provides an opportunity for the disabled and the elderly to come together with their families and the community for socializing, free games, rides, a raffle, music and food. Serving as a fundraiser for the Tomah n.a.s.a., Squirrelfest helps them continue to offer their services and events, and make the outdoors accessible for everyone.

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