Tomah needs community now more than ever. 

Be "Loyal to Local".

Why does spending local matter?

Local businesses are owned and operated by our family, friends and neighbors.  These people have chosen to invest their livelihood in our community.  Local businesses lend to the vibrancy, tone and culture of the community in which we live.  Due to the recent pandemic, many of our local businesses have had their business severely impacted. The quality of life in our community and ecosystem heavily depend on our local businesses being able to survive this economic downfall. 

In a world where you can buy anywhere, buy local.

By doing so, you will help make Tomah stronger, closer together and a better place to live.

How can I support local?

Each of us can support local by shifting our spending to locally owned and operated businesses.  Tomah is where you have chosen to have your home and job, let it also be the place you shop and dine.  


There are other ways you can support local as well: 

  • Use social media to leave a positive review for a business.

  • Build a local routine.  Designate Saturday mornings for your local shopping.  Pick a night of the week that is your night to dine out every week.  Fridays are for up for appetizers and libations to catch up with people you've been missing.  Whatever you choose to do, make a routine out of it!

  • Hotels are among the first and hardest hit.  Invite friends and family to come visit. Once social distancing protocols are lifted, encourage others to come visit Tomah.  Shop at the Farmer's Market, go out for brunch, visit our shops and enjoy our community.

  • Encourage your friends and family to think about Tomah first.

  • Remember the businesses that have supported your child's baseball team or dance team fundraiser.  Support the businesses that you have reached out to for donations. Buy from the businesses who you see contributing to our local initiatives.

Recovery starts with you...

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