Moving Towards The Next Normal

A Message From The Chamber...

First off, I hope this finds you healthy and safe. Know that we are thinking of you during this time.


Many of you are looking for resources and information.  Under our COVID-19 tab, you will see Resources, Information and Business Amended Hours and Services.  We will continue to update this information as things change. 

For years, the Chamber has been good at meetings, events and handshakes.  Only three short months ago, I would have told you that we were ready to have a stellar year with our programming and events, but that now seems like a lifetime ago.  The Chamber as you knew it, just like your business, will never be the same again.  We might end up stronger after all of this is said and done, but neither us nor you will never forget this time, nor will we be the same on the other side. We have been forced out of our comfort zone and thrown into a world we didn’t see coming. Meetings, events and handshakes don’t cut it anymore, for us or for you.  (Heck, I’m not even sure if handshakes are legal any more)!  We have been looking at the ways we can use this to innovate and grow so that we can come out of this on the other side.  You need to do the same if you haven’t already.

As we enter into week #whoknowswhatweekitisanymore of the Safer at Home orders, I encourage you to visualize what life will look like on the other side.  I see a community that is stronger, more united and dedicated to the success of our neighbors.  I see a community that has fought through challenges and comes out on the other side with innovative ideas and progressive business plans.  I see a community that will thrive again one day. I encourage you to visualize your successes, visualize what doing business looks like on the other side and visualize your doors opening up and greeting customers again.


For us, our office has been keeping in contact with the public through various means including phone calls, emails, facebook messages, and livestreams.  We are wanting to hear from you.  We want to know how you’re holding up. We want you to know we’re here for you.  In the past, we’ve been good about sending out emails and keeping you updated, but in times like these, nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call from a friend. I would encourage you to pick up the phone and call a counter-part or two and see how they are doing.  Support your fellow businesses, non-profits and organizational leaders.  

On July 4th of 2019, Jeremy Haldeman and I put a bet on the table that we would consider Downtown Thursday Nights a success if we had 400 people attend.  We had 1100 people or more attend that night!  We were in disbelief.  As I type, I'm thinking of different times and better days, I am extending that little bit of faith and hope to you.  Tomah will pull through this, partly because of the tenacity of our community and partly because we have faith and hope. Have the faith with me that we will get through this stronger and together.  It is the only option and it is our laser focused vision.

To my Chamber family and Tomah community, I wish you the best through this. Be there for one another, as business and organizational leaders, friends and community.


Tina Thompson


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